A gift to Canteen in your Will is a life-changing legacy for the future of young people impacted by cancer.

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Are you considering your legacy? Download our Building a legacy together guide today to learn how your legacy can have a massive life-changing impact on the lives of young people impacted by cancer – and how you can include a gift to Canteen in your Will.

Have you been thinking about what kind of legacy you want to leave? 

Do you want to shape positive experiences for young Australians? Do you want to lessen their pain and hardships? Do you want to invest in building future leaders? 

If you wish to create a legacy to help young Australians in the future, consider a gift to Canteen in your Will. It’s an extraordinary act of generosity and compassion. And it’s a real investment in the future of every single young person who will turn to Canteen when their world is turned upside down by cancer. 

More than just cancer support. Investing in young Australians futures.

Canteen works across Australia to give young people impacted by cancer a place to turn to, and the support and life skills they need to thrive. Through our programs, camps, counselling and research, we are dedicated to helping young people get through some of the toughest experiences of their lives.

But it’s not just about cancer support. It’s a huge investment in the futures of young Australians who have been impacted by cancer. 

By feeling understood and supported, young people can rebuild the foundations that crumbled beneath them when cancer crashed into their life – now and long after a cancer diagnosis.

Canteen’s unique services are provided at no cost, so we can reach as many young people impacted by cancer as possible. That’s why compassionate people like you, who choose to help support our work, now and into the future, are invaluable.

“Through Canteen’s Leadership program, I have purpose again. I’m able to give back to not only the organisations that have supported me through my own cancer diagnosis, but also the people who are going through their own cancer journey. If I've helped just one person with their cancer journey, I'll be really happy.” 

Jess, cancer patient and Canteen leadership program participant

Learn more about building a legacy together

Make your legacy part of Canteen’s legacy.

Canteen was started in 1985 by six young patients who acutely understood how cancer is different when it affects a young person’s life. They banded together to form Canteen to help young Australians impacted by cancer in the future. 

We are their legacy. 

The idea of Canteen was so powerful, and demand was so high, that we grew into a national network that people like yourself can feel proud to support. And we are still guided by young people, including several who sit on our board, giving us a unique perspective on the issues and challenges they faced, and continue to face. 

By combining your legacy with ours, you will not only support young people through their toughest times, but also nurture an inspiring group of young people who discover a passion for helping others.

“Mum contracted cancer 10 years before she died. Her focus and interest was on the disease that she had, and also how others dealt with it. There's no debate in my mind that mum was very much focused on the next generation. It was all about the children and what they need to deal with.” 

Hamish’s mum, Ann, left a gift to Canteen to support future generations. 

Leaving a gift to Canteen in your Will can alter the course of a young Australian’s life.

Your legacy will go directly to continue Canteen’s work to: 

Invest in quality research to inform our strategies for giving young people unique support.

Develop and continue our core programs and services that help young people when cancer comes crashing into their lives.

Empower and nurture young people through their toughest times so they can transform their experiences and give back to their community.

If you think that’s a worthwhile pursuit, we’d love to be considered as part of your legacy.

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